Terms of Services

IN CONSIDERATION of permission granted now or in the future by dojang Studio to use the facilities and enrol in classes at dojang studio, and agree and acknowledge:

  1. In agreement:
    1. “Participating in” means going to, coming from before or during.
    2. “The activities” include but are not limited to the following sporting and recreational activities, either collectively or individual:
      • Participating in classes
      • Voluntary sparring
      • Self-Training
      • In House Demonstrations
    3. Words in the singular form shall be construed to include the plural and vice versa as context requires
  2. I release dojang Studio from all liability and waive as against dojang Studio all recourses, losses of damages, including any consequential damage or loss, claims, causes of action of any kind whatsoever and I voluntarily accept the legal risk, thereby expressly giving up any right of action, and the physical risk rising form all liability whether such liability arises in contract by reason of negligence, or by reason of breach of duty raised by statute, or in any other manner whatsoever.
  3. I further knowledge and agree:
    1. That the activities can be dangerous, exposing participants to risks and hazards some of which are inherent in the very nature of the sport or exercise itself, others which result from

NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT on the part of the persons involved in preparing and organizing or staging of the activities.

  1. That, as a result of the aforesaid risks and hazards, I as a participant may suffer personal injuries, even death, as well as property loss;
  2. That some of the aforesaid risks and hazards are foreseeable but others are not;